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On March 30, 2021, the Educational Coordination of the 13thInternational Architecture Biennale of São Paulo and the Vitruvius portal launched Preâmbulo (Preamble), an open call for articles, essays, drawings and projects that would reflect on the five thematic axes of the 13th Biennale: democracy, bodies, memory, information and ecology.

The objective of the Preâmbulo (Preamble) project is to leverage analysis, criticism and records of urban and architectural spaces from the provocations of the 13th Biennale, as well as to strengthen its educational axis and the approximation with universities. In partnership with the IABsp, the Vitruvius portal – a respected space for discussion, for 20 years developing a meticulous and long-lasting work with architects, urban planners and various professionals – will publish the collaborations approved in the magazines Arquitextos, Interview, Minha Cidade, Arquiteturismo, Resenhas Online and in the Rabiscos section.

Preâmbulo (Preamble) is an initial approximation, a kind of record of thoughts that wander in search of horizons, a movement that precedes the Biennale and that could contribute to the constitution and sedimentation of its corpus. The desire that animates it is to foster a discussion of urban and architectural culture that is not restricted to the event, but which is expanded in time, territory and collaborative processes.

The open call invites architects, urban planners and all those who, directly or indirectly, develop work and research in contiguous areas. Contributions received to the magazine Arquitextos were forwarded to a Scientific Committee of reviewers from across the country, and the approved articles will be published in a special issue in the second half of 2021. The other contributions will be reviewed by an internal committee and will be published in the system from the magazines and in the Rabiscos section.

Preâmbulo (Preamble) recognizes the interregnum condition we face, where conclusions, even though well founded, are inescapably provisional. But it also believes in the construction of knowledge that results from the interlocution between experiences that cross or touch the discipline of architecture and urbanism. Finally, Preâmbulo (Preamble) encourages boldness in words and strokes, so that paths not yet trodden are illuminated.

The material can be accessed here. [coming soon]

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